Friday, June 18

6 Favourite Lipglosses

So these are my most worn, most loved glosses. They range from new lusts (hello NYX) to some long term lip gloss loving (Freeze 24-7 you lovely labeless thing.)
I have abandoned my glosses the past few months for lots of lipsticks but I'm now sharing my attention, and as summer truly kicks in I'll probably forget all about them stick things....
From top - NYX Megashine Pinkfrost. Too Faced Mirror Mirror I'm Perfect. Revlon Pink Pop. Barry M Pastel Pink. Freeze 24-7 Plump Lips/Ice Sticks Brr Berry. Loreal Glamshine Candy Juice. This lip gloss tastes like sherbet!! So tasty! Very pale and shimmery - I don't usually do shimmery lips but I make certain exceptions. Thick creamy kinda gloss. slightly sticky (and totally lickable) so therefore doesn't last too long on me. But it probably could do. This was about $3.75 from Cherry Culture I believe.
This nude in the tube coloured gloss is basically clear on me. Really quite sticky but long lasting because of this and REALLY shiny. I've had people comment on how shiny my lips look with this on. Plus it has a slight bananary taste. Yum. I got this in an ASOS sale for about a fiver. I think they're usually priced around £10 from places like Boots but can probably be found cheaper online.
My first Revlon gloss. Bought because of all the hype. I do love the colour. A sheer bright pink, very clean with no shimmer. Also a sticky one which I do find a pain. but the lovely colour makes it worth it. No flavour though. Boo. £6.49 from Boots.
A creamy gloss with slight frost and shimmer and quite an opaque finish for quite a thin-ish loss. I find patting it on to sheer it out a little suits me better, the super pale shade looks rather weird on me. Overpowering scent and flavour of strawberry yogurt which is a bizarre flavour but fun all the same. I got this on a 3 for 2 deal at Boots (only time I purchase Barry M is when there is deals) £4.25 usually.
This is my most used gloss, not as shiny as it looks in the photo. A more dewy rosy colour with a satiny sheen. Really gorgeous feeling gloss, light and balmy. I really love it. It doesn't burn or make your lips swell and turn deep red like some more intense plumping glosses. However my lips tend to look rounder and softer after using this, like the creases and gaps have been gently pushed out. I bought this gloss ages ago on ASOS for £14 I think it was supposed to be something ridiculous like £27.50?? For a gloss that doesn't look much (and the bloody label rubbed off after a week) the luxury feel of the product makes it worth it for me. I wasn't going to put this on here, until I noticed it was clearly the most used gloss after my Freeze 24-7. This is a glossy coral-ly pink shade that didn't show up at all in the photo. Nothing amazing just a real easy go to gloss. not to sticky, not to quick to disappear, not to sheer and not to bright. I wear this a lot at work and with a lot of makeup when I'm not feeling the pale lip. The Glamshine glosses all have little sub-groups however this is the only gloss in the Candy range. It differs from the rest due to the complete lack of glitter and shimmer. £6.99 though I just noticed Boots has a 2 for £10 for the Glamshines at the moment.
Hope that was vaguely helpful/interesting. It meant I missed the entire England match...oh shame.

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  1. Freeze 24-7 is such a gorgeous pink colour but they all look lovely on you x