Wednesday, June 16


Here's the bits I bought from Pop via Direct Cosmetics - Which by the way impressed me muchly, I ordered, next morning I got an email saying my parcel had been dispatched, and the morning after that the post man came a'knocking! Happy days.
Anyway on to the products...

So this time round I'd only ordered the bottom two, but that's all down to previously ordering the top one. They're basically palettes of 8 shades of highlighter, blush and bronzer in a variety of opacity, shade and finish. Yum. Let's look inside.

Pretty sweet huh? In like a tasty icecreamy kind of way... swatches?? Top L-R White-gold highlight, True gold glow, Nudy-peach glow, Pale pink all over radiance.

Bottom L-R Cream glimmer highlighter, Peach lustre, Lavender brightener, Warm nudy-pink illuminator.

Tasty no?

As the names suggest, they have a variety of finishes, however most have more of a glowy sheen then actual shimmer in them which I find much more wearable and flattering.

This palette is probably one of my favourite products at the moment. The range of cool and warm tones gives me a lot of room to play and adapt to the makeup I've chosen (and whether or not I'm having a pasty faced day) The powders in all three are very soft and blendable.

So let's look at the rest!

Top L-R Pale pink, Baby pink, Mauve, Copper-rose

Bottom L-R Fresh rose, Hot pink, Nude-rose glow, Bronze-rose

Sorry my photos are so awful. I was in a rush and well I'm not much good with a camera at the best of times. Anyway you can see how some colours are sheerer (real word?) then others. These sheer ones create a more of a wash of blush/highlighter. which mixes nicely with the more intense colours. Ok the bronze pallette doesn't have names for the colours, but you get a range of matt browns, shimmery olds and peaches, and a variety of gleamy looking bronzes, some with a dash of shimmer. Something for everyone really.

I'll be honest I'm not sure I get the Pop Up Glow stick in 'Sunny'. For one thing it's frikkin' big. No chance of a quick slick straight from the stick. (Did you like that?) Then when I did apply it I got all confused with the texture. Greasy? A little. Powdery? Well yes actually. Nice? Kind of but I'm yet to test out how well it wears on an average day so we shall see if it can sneak into my drawer of fave highlighters. So I also bought eye-pen (which is actually a pencil) in ocean. It's blue. See? Tolds ya. Blue. Ocean blue. Anything else? I quite like it. Yes I do. I'm running out of (typing) breath now so I'll finish on these for the moment. Deluxe Dusts. Pretty nice. Pigmented, smooth, blendable. However the packaging is as annoying as the NYX tiny bottles of pigment.

What the hell am I supposed to do with them stupid little holes? Pain in the arse and a half. Luckily a little colour goes far so I can just about outweigh the stupid holes, with the prettiness and quality of the eye shadows.

Oh one point, see that lovely golden toned white third from the left? It's really very pretty. That's Antique Gold. And see that super frosty almost silver toned white at the end? Yeh that's White Gold...apparently. Tsh. Anyway last swatch before bed.

What do you think? I'll show you the rest soon.

Night XxX

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