Sunday, June 6

Oh I do love a trip to Boots...

So with Boots having it's 3 for 2 offer on all things lovely, and me needing a few...essentials (ish) I took up the chance to get a few new goodies as well.

Lee Stafford Treatment For Hair That Never Grows

So the first product is a repeat buy, I love this stuff, it's a conditioning treatment to use between your shampoo and conditioner. It really soothes my scalp, helps minimise breakage from my hair dryer etc, and I'm pretty sure its accelerated the growth of my annoying baby hairs around my hairline make them a lot more...hairy (in a good way!)Lee Stafford Double Blow Volumizing Mousse & Bling Hair Rehab Detox Shampoo

As part of the 3 for 2 hair offer, I decided to stick with Lee Stafford as I totally trust the brand after using many of the products with happy results. I've been using these for a week or two now and am not really sure what I think of them. Nothing bad just nothing great. The jury's still out at the moment so I'll review these when I have formed a more interesting and helpful opinion.

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Intensive Action Pore Refining Facial Peel

Ok this wasn't part of the 3 for 2 deal, but after the nightmare Loreal Secrets Resurfacing Primer did to my skin (dry flakes and blocked pores galore...ew) I remembered using this last year and being pleased with the results, they seemed to have changed the product slightly - In a good way. Previously after rinsing of this exfoliating mask my skin felt like it still had product and would have to be followed by a face wash. It now washes away cleanly and is able to be followed by moisturiser straight after. My skin is definitely looking better and I've only used it 3 times so far. The blue beads kind of shmush up (I know beads usually pop but these kind of melt instead) as you massage it into your skin. Left on my T-Zone for 10 minutes my skins look cleaner and smoother straight away. Happy days.

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Therapeutic Herbal Eye Base And Concealer

I can't resist trying new concealers, I'm not really prone to spots however the purple circles under my eyes are nothing short of horrendous, I've tried every eye cream of every price range under the sun and nothing has made enough of a difference to allow me to skip concealer (I dream of those days) Absolutely Flawless (I think the shade I bought is called london lights) is a peachy toned concealer, very creamy and blendable, which I love as I have a tendency to shove it under my eyes and not blend it till I've done all my eye makeup (in my head it'll allow my skin to absorb the colour....weird and pointless I know but it's become a habit) even after sitting in a blob on my skin for 10 minutes it can still be smoothed out and blended. Not a holy grail concealer (if not set properly it can crease, and sometimes highlights them little dots that create the texture of your under eye skin - do you have these?) But for now I'm happy using it over any of my others.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Ok ok I know we all love a bit of UDPP, I'm right there with you, when it comes down to performance I think Urban Decay and Too Faced both square up to each other pretty damn well, I just find the tube of the Shadow Insurance so much more practical, I don't want to have to slice open and pot to get out half the primer a wand won't reach to double its usage. I like to squeeeeze it all out and snip off the end of a tube before the last go. Any way I love this product, and I will re-buy it (occasionally switching to UDPP as always when i grow tired of turquoise) for as long as I wear eye makeup.

The last product I bought was Cargo's Lash Activator Extreme, However I'm gunna do a whole review and I'm pretty tired so that ones for next time folks.


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  1. What a fantastic haul! I love Too Faced Shaow Insurance and i'm looking forward to the Cargo mascara review! :)