Tuesday, May 18

NYX Black Label Lipsticks

I know everyone has swatched and reviewed the NYX Round Lipsticks a hundred times over, (and I also have plenty if we feel like a re-run) but i thought I may as well do a post on the Black Label ones I have, just cuz I think that although their round sisters have had a lot of glory and gossip about them, I honestly think Black Label kicks Rounds ass!
I only own four of the Black Labels, mainly due to the fact I haven't seen many swatches of these Lipsticks (not of colours I'd wear at least) and although they're not expensive (I buy mine $6 each from cherryculture.com) It's still not money I'd like to spend on the potluck that the colour is wearable. On to the lippies then...

L-R Garnet, Apple, Sangria, Nude. First up is Nude,

The thinner consistency of the four, one of my favourite nudes. very buildable and with a pink undertone - I'm personally not a fan of the browner nudes. Like most pale colours it can grab any dry bits, I find a quick swipe of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream sorts that out though. I love this colour, I mainly switch between this and Gosh Darling (who doesn't) for a pale lip.


This one is a corally pinky shade, which I would rather like, and probably wear if it wasn't for the shimmery pearly quality of it. It just looks way too 80's on me. I find this one feels less wet on compared to Nude, it has a much more average lipstick consistency, none the less it sits on that lips nicely, it's just that shimmer....ugh.


I love Apple, and Apple rather loves me, however Apple does not love the camera, no no no. Big big issues with photographing the lovely Apple, I may as well not have bothered with either photo, they just don't...get it. Apple applies smooth as smoooooth. its got that lovely consistency where you can dab it on as a stain and your lip creases don't end up looking like canyons. The colour is a bright bright red with orangey undertones. I'm usually a blue-red type of girl, but this lipstick is just great, very 50's in my mind, looks great as a subtle wash and as full on beaming red. Shall I stop gushing now?


If Apple is 50's, Garnet is the sexy yet chic 40's. Very similar formula to Apple, comfortable, light and long lasting wear. It's a deep red, slightly darker then it appears on my lips in the picture, and really lovely to wear. Very brown looking in the tube, but it really is that old school glamour red. Another one I rather love!

So that's my four Black Labels, I think although the Round Lipsticks from NYX are incredibly colourful, verrrrry cheap and generally pretty good formulas, Black Label is just way ahead of it in the wearability and quality factor. Rounds grown up sister i guess.

Hope that wasn't totally awful and painful to read! It'll improve I hope...aye..err...promise!


Monday, May 17

Johnson's Dreamy Skin Body Cream

I love love love this body cream!!
I don't exactly know what it is about this cream that makes it so good, it just vanishes in to my skin leaving me amazingly soft, yet from the texture (and the price) I never expected it to perform so well for me.
The texture isn't a body butter, for a tub product its quite light and slippery. (But not greasy.)
The scent is something I can't quite put my finger on, very obvious at first but i find it settles to leaving my skin smelling very clean, slightly flowery, but nothing that alters my perfume.
I do find the scent relaxing, doesn't send me to sleep, (thankgod cuz I use it in the mornings) I think 'calming' is more accurate for me.
Best thing is the price, around £2.50 - £3.00 !!
Sainsburys recently had it half price so i stocked up with about four tubs!
Obsessed? Moi?

Sunday, May 16

the day i lose my blogging virginity...

Hello, I'm Lauren, self confessed make up addict with a tendency to shoe shop. I've been following so many amazing blogs for ages (to a slightly obsessive extent..?) I thought maybe I should jump on the band wagon too. I may not be incredibly skillful with a camera (who am i kidding? All I can do is point and click the button) but I feel the need to share my obsession! - atleast to know that I'm normal. Ha. Anyway let's see how this goes with my little blog shaped guineapig :)