Friday, June 18

Pop Lip Lusts

So to finish my Popathon (like marathon but with pop yeh? sorry I'm a bit ill and my brains gone to auto-idiot) What was I saying? Yes Lip lusts, I bought Petal Pink (loving my baby pink shades) and Flirty Fuschia (as a panic buy...I have plenty of bright pinks and just dropped it in the basket in case I lost all 8 of them I guess..?)
You may have noticed the slightly funkyness in the Flirty Fuschia bullet, honestly I was too fussed that it nearly toppled out the tube when I tried to apply it, after all it wasn't the colour I was excited about, just an off hand back up of all my other similar shades. Then I swatched the colours. Texture of both is lovely, very soft light and balmy. But I was gutted. Petal pink is so so so sheer. Barely a pink sheen in most lights. Flirty Fuschia on the other hand, that lovely just bitten pink, sheer enough to let your natural be the base shade but with a much pinker fresher tone. Of course that's the broken one. Sods law.
I may melt it down (been having fun with that lately) and whack it in a pot. Such a shame cuz I love the cute packaging of the lipsticks.
On to the swatches.
Bare lip -bare face actually but let's try to ignore that.

Pink Petal

Flirty Fuschia - slightly washed out by the camera. Typical.

I have realised I have included no prices during the Pop posts so here's a quick run down if you're interested.

Deluxe Dusts - £1.99

Lip Lusts - £1.99

Belle Palettes - £5.99

Pop Up - £3.99

Eye Pen - £1.99

You may have noticed the Bee Stung lip gloss in the original photo and the fact I haven't reviewed it. I honestly can't be bothered. It's just blah. Cute to look at but gritty texture and garish naff colours. If you really must try it however they're also £1.99.


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