Thursday, July 15

I'm Back...For Now....

So I've been mega busy lately, trying to sort out a mortgage so me and the boyf can buy our first house, working ridiculous hours at work and on top of all that I bought a new face powder (on a bit of a budget....ok a lot of a budget) and my skin literally freaked out!! So any makeup I've been wearing lately has had the lone purpose of saving the public from the horrifying state of my skin. Thankfully (due to a few product swaps and a lot of patience) my skin is finally getting back to normal. I've also discovered some loooooovely products along the way.
Upcoming blogs (when I find my bloody camera lead) include my review on the Cargo Lash Activator Extreme (taken a while I know) My thoughts on my new Korres products - and what I am now lusting after from the range. And my mini ELF haul. I'm also trying out a new moisturiser and a few more bath and body products that'll keep me going for a while.
Enough chat, I have a few unshown/unused photos on my computer for the blog so I thought I might show you how I'm currently organising (I use that word loosely) my make up, I had a maaaassive clear out and got rid off all the products I bought on a whim (cheap and cheerful often turned out to be rough and rashy...) So hopefully everything looks a bit more streamlined and tidy.

I use Muji drawers to store my makeup, though I'm fast running out of space and plan to order a few more for my ever increasing collection.

Blusher drawer - With the odd Bronzer that I can squeeze in.

All my concealers and highlighters. I think of this as the draw of magic, everything to hide and enhance. lol. The crap I can't fit in the drawers above.
I have two tumblers of mascaras, This one is the new and favourite one. The other is filled mainly with No.7 Mascaras I insisted on buying and hated them all. Tshh.
A mixture of good and absolutely shite makeup brushes that I keep as I'm also losing my brushes for days at a time.
I rarely wear eyeliner, preferring to line my eyes with eye shadows so I don't know how I ended up with this lot. Do love my Urban Decay 27/7 Glides though.
Most of my singular eye shadows, I store large eye palettes on top of these drawers.
Loose eye shadows, I wear these way more then any pressed eye shadows. I love my NYX Loose Pearl Shadows and am now in the process of re-potting them so they're actually usable.
Small palettes/big eyeshadow. The LA Girl trios are gorgeous at a glance, not very pigmented to use but that didn't stop me from buying about 8 colour combos.
My lip gloss drawers. It's very pink I know. I loves me a pink pout.
My Lipsticks (that aren't in the bottom of various handbags) lots of NYX again. I've only recently got into lipsticks again but am gradually building my collection (to my boyfriends dismay).
How do you store yours? I cant believe a couple of years ago I'd have all my makeup jumbled up in a giant fruit bowl, I couldn't bear that now!!!
Now that my skin is healing and I have discovered my favourite base combination (NEVER thought I'd find that) I'll start doing FOTDs to hopefully bring a bit more range to my blog.
Let me know if you have any ideas!
Lauren x


  1. Glad to see you back. Amazing stash!

  2. Wow, you have a huge collection! Jeaaalous, lol. I'm slowly building a collection of makeup, but it's very sparse at the moment, so thankfully I can just store it all in one bag, but once it grows, I agree, I won't be able to keep it all in one thing, it'll get too messy! Haha.