Sunday, July 25

Work work. Rush rush. Sleep sleep?

I re-read a few bits of my posts today and have noticed that quite often I'm not making proper sense of things.
I would just like to apologise for this awful writing!
I've been trying to blog more to get into a natural habit of doing it, however I have also been working 6 day weeks at the restaurant I manage for the past month and I'm certainly starting to become slightly zombie-esque.
So on the subject of wanting more sleep and still having to be at work bright and early, I thought I'd show you what makeup I take to work in the mornings and apply in the (empty) office when I've accidentally slept in after a late shift from the night before.

Olay Daily Moisture Fluid is a new one for me, it's not massively hydrating, but is quite a nice base for makeup and is fine moisturising-wise now I've switched to a heavier night cream.

I don't generally wear foundation at work as it all wears off from the heat no matter what foundation/primer or setting powder I use. I'll just set my under eye concealer (Loreal Touche Magique) and mattify my t-zone with an ELF mineral face powder (which I've forgotten to include) and touch up with my Korres compact (again forgotten!!)

The ELF All Over Colour Stick in Pink Lemonade is great for quick flushed and dewy cheeks and I find pretty useful when I don't want t be carrying messy minerals or fragile pressed powders around with me.

You may have noticed I've got a few mascaras going on in there. I actually missed one out (I'm rather embarrassed the work it takes me to HAVE eyelashes) I use Cargo LashActivator (the serum end) every morning first, topped off with (my rather dried out) Urban Decay Lash Primer Potion, then a layer of Maybelline Falsies. If I've skipped eye makeup I'll add a coat of Too Faced Lash Injection on top - absolute crap on its own but when put on top of another mascara as a final coat it makes everything fatter blacker and longer. (For me at least).

Don't shout but I am guilty of curling my eyelashes after mascara, I find it just works better, holds better and looks way more wide awake. (Luckily although my eyelashes are short they must be strong as I've not had any breakage from this).

The eyeliner you can see is a sad Barry M excuse for my usual loves of Urban Decay eyeliner (lost) and my old Lord & Berry retractable liner (used up). I only use a little liner in the roots of my lashes in the morning - purely for definition - I don't need my morning eyes looking any smaller.

I add a bright-ish lip colour or tinted balm to brighten it all up. (My new Gosh is my current fave)

This may seem like a lot, but the result is very natural clean face with dark dark lashes and pop of pink to stop me looking like a ghost. And I have it down to 5 minutes. When I have time I sling my Fake Bake Bronzing Powder in my bag as well. However I'm feeling very lazy lately and have therefor decided to embrace the's way less effort!

Any suggestions for easy morning makeup?

Lauren x

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  1. I love the sound of the Pink Lemonade all-in-one, it looks so pretty! And i agree that Lash Injection is useless but i haven't tried layering it yet, i'll have to give it a go :)