Sunday, July 18

Making Me Some Lippy, From Lippies.

So the other day whilst re organising my dressing table I was arranging my lipsticks and came across this

That's my fave lipstick. How the sun managed to make it SPLIT is beyond me. I also found another lipstick with a clear lid that had been bleached...though I preferred the bleached colour with that one so I wasn't so devastated about that.

ANYWAY... I needed to make it usable till I re-purchased it, so I'd read about people melting lippies down and I had a few empty Lily Lolo sample pots lying around soooo...

Got me some of these, Did a bit of this,

Did a bit more.
Then I got a bit addicted and thought 'this is easy let's lop off some lipsticks and make me own!'
So my second lip pot consisted of these,

See that second from left? My twice worn Illamasqua lipstick! True, the shade was too matte and lilac toned to suit me, but it still breaks my heart a little when I see it all chopped down and sad looking...damn my over-excitement at making lip colours in pots. I also added a squeeze of Palmers Lip Butter to counteract the drying effects of some of the lipsticks.

After my experiments I ended up with these,

The Barry M colour - worn as a more muted stain. Though melting it down did seem to make it a little less pigmented anyway.

The random mixture, it's alright, who'd of thought four shades of pink would make...another pink.

Maybe I didn't think that one through properly. Though it was pretty fun.

What do you think?

Lauren x


  1. I love that Barry M colour, such a pretty cerise pink! And i really like the one you made from the 4 different shades, very nice for spring :)

  2. Thanks. do miss my barry m being in lipstick form though!!