Tuesday, October 5

Finally I can get Nakedand covered in...Mustard?

Yes I finally have the Urban Decay Naked palette. After giving up on Debenhams (so totally crap, I am still in shock at their 'style' of Customer Service) Instead I went with Boots. And of course I may as well spend enough to get me some free delivery right?? Which brings me on to this.

Lee Stafford Matt Fat Mustard - £6.99

I half style my hair - dry it, straighten the overly curly bits and my fringe section and twist in a few loose curls(this product cuts half my heat styling out) - then pour a little of this on to my hands. Rub my palms together and rub through my roots and lengths. And done. I'm left with big relaxed waves. It works similarly to a dry shampoo, soaking up the moisture to give you more volume yet the cream texture makes it so much easier to control. Incredibly, I can't feel it in my hair at all. And I am super picky when it comes to products in my hair.

All in all this stuff is lush. Big textured hair that still feels light and soft and freshly washed. The first type of mustard I've truly liked!!

Be expecting lots of FOTDs with Naked eyes and messy hair coming up!!

Also just ordered some Illamasqua products from the Asos sale, Including the Precision Ink from the Art of Darkness Collection for £10.

Fair to say I'm a happy bunny at the moment. :)


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